Where To See The Colours Change in Muskoka

Muskoka is covered with an abundance of luscious landscapes that transform from spanning greenery to vibrant hues of reds and yellows as the seasons change. Enjoy the beauty of Muskokan nature through some of these amazing outdoor excursions this fall! Here are a few spots we are looking forward to visiting!


Huckleberry Rock Lookout Point

Huckleberry Rock is well over 100 years old and recognized as a major scenic lookout, and one of the best places to see the leaves change colour in Muskoka. The rocks at this lookout point are some of the oldest rocks in the world, at well over a billion years old. There is a manageable hiking trail so make it an afternoon adventure of exploring the nature in Muskoka, and ending with a beautiful sunset from this scenic lookout.


Algonquin Park

Algonquin Park is a prime spot to enjoy fall in Muskoka. If you are visiting Algonquin Park in mid-September to early October, you will see the colours change for the Sugar Maples and Red Maples in the kilometres of lush forest. Camping is still a great option in the fall, so whether you’re portaging through the lakes or just generally car camping in the parks in Muskoka, you will be immersed in the fall colour changes.


Driving Tour Through Muskoka

If you want to explore Muskoka this fall, check out one of the amazing Driving Tours of Muskoka scenery that will allow you to experience fall in full force! Depending on where you go in Muskoka, there are a handful of driving tours throughout that will take you through scenic areas filled with beautiful trees that have started their transition into the fall. Drives can take between an hour to 6 hours, varying by distance and amount of stops you want to enjoy!

Helicopter Over Muskoka Lakes

The best way to enjoy the stunning landscapes of Muskoka is through a whole new perspective – from above! Fly over Lake Muskoka with FLIGHT Helicopter Tours, who offer fall flight tours with panoramic views of the changing colours. Check out some of their amazing packages that will enhance your fall adventure in Muskoka.

Cruise Lake of Bays on SS Bigwin

Sail across Lake of Bays this fall in Muskoka on the historic SS Bigwin. Cruises on SS Bigwin take place every weekend in September, so you can enjoy the fantastic fall colours from the water. If you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion, you can book the boat for your wedding, anniversaries, birthdays, reunions, resort or tour groups, corporate functions, and so much more.