Where to Go for Doors Open Toronto

Doors Open Toronto, returning on Saturday May 25th and Sunday May 26th is a free event that celebrates the history and social significance of the city’s often unexplored architecture. Numerous buildings will be open around the city inviting passersby to explore their interiors and roles in their respective communities. Clear your weekend calendar and explore the treasures scattered around this great city.




Seneca’s new Indigenous centre is named after the Anishinaabe word Odeyto, which translates to the good journey. Inside, you’ll find office spaces, a computer lab, and dedicated spaces for Indigenous elders. The building itself is modeled after a canoe with its curvature mimicking the position of the sun on June 21st, National Indigenous Peoples Day in Canada. Odeyto is also home to awe-inspiring pieces of art created by Indigenous artists.


Spin Master


Visit the corporate office of this King Street entertainment conglomerate if you’re looking for a charming and interactive experience. Starting in 1994 as a small-scale toy manufacturer, Spin Master has grown into a global leader in children’s entertainment and toy production. You’ll be greeted with a video wall in the main lobby that provides an introduction to the company and its history. Spin Master features a “25 years of Spin Master” staircase which will introduce you to their creative strategy and corporate history. Don’t miss out on this unique and uplifting Doors Open experience. 


Osgoode Hall


As the home of the Law Society of Ontario and the highest courts in the province, Osgoode Hall has remained a Toronto area landmark since 1832. Surrounded by landscaped grounds and nineteenth-century architecture, Osgoode Hall is a visual marvel. Guided tours in English, French, and Chinese are available with the company of knowledgeable volunteers ready to answer your questions. Bring your camera and take a picture of you or your friends draped in legal robes. Take a seat in the judge’s chair to get a one-of-a-kind perspective on the courtroom setting and process. 


Toronto Humane Society


One of the largest animal welfare organizations in Canada, the Toronto Humane Society provides assistance to thousands of animals each year through their adoption agency and public health clinic. Animal lovers rejoice as they can take a tour of the facility and meet the animals in need. You’ll get to see their space, make toys, interact with the animals, participate in some yoga, and enjoy some treats from the weekend bake sale.


Toronto City Hall


Visit the famous, postmodern landmark and marvel at the breathtaking views from the 27th-floor observation deck and green roof. Observe the beauty of the indigenous craft workshop and the Indigenous People’s Atlas of Canada giant floor map. City Hall will also be hosting a variety of Virtual Reality experiences, such as a VR tour of eight other Doors Open sites. Watch a documentary about the story behind Toronto’s new city hall, as well as several other independent film projects showing on the 25th and 26th of May. Be sure to check out the impressive Bicycle Station and Toronto’s Civic Innovation Office.


Artscape Distillery Studios


Artscape Distillery Studios is home to numerous Canadian sculptors, woodworkers, metalsmiths, opera and theatre companies, dancers, and painters. This creative hub which was one of the first to populate the historic industrial area now known as the distillery district. Witness artists working in their studios on your own or with a tour guide to explore all four stories.