Where To Get Ice Cream in Prince Edward County

The heat this summer has been off the charts, and the best way to keep cool is with a sweet treat. Whether you are headed for the beach or a wine tasting on a sunny afternoon, make sure you make a stop at one of these great places for some of the best ice cream in Prince Edward County!


Slickers Ice Cream



If you’re in Picton or Bloomfield, you will definitely want to check out Slickers Ice Cream. This small-batch ice cream chain is filled with small town charm and big vibrant flavours. Using local ingredients and producing their ice cream within their own facilities, you can taste the heart and soul in every scoop served. Whether you’re looking for a simple scoop of vanilla or dynamic flavours like black currant or prickly pear, you can find something sweet to satisfy your taste buds!


Old Greenhouse Ice Cream 


A historic spot now turned into a great spot for ice cream in the County can be found right on Wellington’s Main Street. Old Greenhouse takes a fun twist on your regular soft serve with something they call Flavour Burst. This ice cream system allows you to choose up to three flavours that will be perfectly swirled into their vanilla soft serve. If you’re looking for more of a classic cool down, they have over a dozen flavours to choose from as well!


Orchard Drive Dari Bar 

Located right by on the waterfront in Wellington, you can find Orchard Drive Dari Bar. The perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon is with an ice cream cone by the shores of Lake Ontario. Check out their twist on a Canadian classic with their warm butter tart sundae, as well as the array of ice cream flavours available. While you’re there, it is also a great spot to grab lunch, with plenty of options for both lunch and dinner!


The Bean Counter


If you are grabbing an afternoon pick-me-up, why not have it be ice cream? The Bean Counter is a hot-spot for coffee in Picton, but they also serve up some fantastic locally-made gelato! The best part of getting ice cream at a coffee shop is being able to combine both! Be sure to check out their affogato, their medium sized gelato with a shot of locally roasted espresso poured over top – a decadent coffee float!


Sunflower Fields Ice Cream Shop 


The sunflower craze has taken Ontario by storm, and Prince Edward County is no exception. While visiting the beautiful flowers in Cherry Valley, you can also enjoy some delicious ice cream. Sunflower Fields serves a wide variety of Kawartha Dairy ice cream as well as locally made gelato. Their gelato is diet-friendly, as it is dairy-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, and vegan! This August is the prime time to visit, as the sunflowers will be in full bloom so you can enjoy a sweet view!