Vintage Home Trends That Are Making A Comeback

Mid century modern has been thrown around a lot in the last few years as a popular home design theme, blending both vintage trends in home decor with modern style. Many people are adapting vintage home decor into their homes in 2019, and here are a few ways how you can do that too!


Wicker Furniture


In reality, the wicker furniture trend has never really gone away. It stepped out of the limelight for people to embrace the world of plastic furniture. Little by little, we are incorporating this natural and sustainable material back into our homes. With materials that have been harvested and fashioned by human hand, made into something that imparts tradition, history and warmth. Wicker furniture can primarily be found now as outdoor furniture, to match the natural and earthy aesthetic of your own backyard. You can also find great options for statement pieces, such as an armchair in your living room, that can fit with your current design but add a different texture to the space.


Gold and Brass Finishings


Brass has experienced a massive resurgence in the design world, this time coming back as a softer, antiqued version of the shiny brass circa 1995. The use of gold and brass is becoming even more popular as accessories or finishes for kitchens and bathroom faucets and handles. These metals go perfectly with both light and dark colours, so it can be implemented pretty much anywhere in your home. If you are looking to transform your kitchen, try a fresh coat of paint on your cabinets and then sourcing some eclectic cabinet door handles that will add a little flair to the space.


Brutalist Design


Brutalism, which originates from the French word for “raw”, came about after World War II when housing and government buildings were composed of raw materials such as concrete and steel. Brutalist home design in 2019 is thriving, especially with the popularity of loft spaces. Hard lofts are the epitome of brutalist design, where the raw concrete is a focal point of the space itself. Between hard and soft lofts, you will find the raw theme carries throughout the space, offering a modern twist on condo living. In most instances, concrete walls and steel beams bring attention to the structure and design to the unit, while the accents and accessories are accentuated through the home owner’s flair.


Shag Rugs


Once you’ve selected the couch that’s right for you and your space, and a coffee table to match it’s time to outfit your living room with the perfect rug. Shag rugs may be synonymous with the 1970s, but they’ve come back in a new way. Instead of bright and bold, they’re much less daring today, more muted, cozy and fluffy. They help to create a more cozy feel to any living space without drawing attention away from the rest of the room. This textile can add a unique style to a space, even as a throw blanket on an accent chair.