Travel in Style: 5 of the Best Vacation Essentials

This article was originally published on Christie’s International Real Estate’s blog Luxury Defined.


From a global guide to achieving sartorial elegance to an ultramodern jet capsule to take you zooming across the water James Bond-style, we’ve found five of the very best luxury travel accessories to make sure your vacation goes with a swing.


1. Accessories: The Panama Hat 

In the 1830s, many Gold Rush prospectors passed through Panama needing protection from the sun, finding just the thing in Manuel Alfaro’s Panama hat. Image: Getty Images


The Panama hat, as any linen-suited dandy will tell you, actually originated in Ecuador. Ecuadorians and their Central and South American neighbors had long donned hats made from the woven leaves of the Carludovica palmata, known locally as the toquilla or jipijapa palm. Around 1835, Ecuadorian entrepreneur Manuel Alfaro streamlined the headgear’s production and began a mass exportation process. The hats proved so popular that soon cargo ships full of them were heading from Guayaquil and Manta to the Gulf of Panama, from where they were distributed around the world. And so the Panama hat was born. Today the fedora-style hat, with a central dent in the crown and a pinched front, in creamy toquilla straw and often with a band, is a regular fixture in the summer wardrobe of style-savvy travelers around the world, and has been worn by everyone from Mick Jagger to Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.


2. Accessories: Philipp Bree

The Philipp Bree-designed AB 88 shoulder bag is made of vegetable-tanned cowhide from Belgium, and comes in a wide range of colors.



Every adventure or escape requires clever packing. The AB 88 from German brand Philipp Bree is the perfect size for your passport, cell phone, or tablet, and reading matter of choice. Designed by Ayzit Bostan, the over-shoulder pouch in cowhide comes in black, natural, citron, light violet, jade, and orange, each with coordinating tassel details on the straps. Smart.


3. Books: The Sartorial Travel Guide

Style expert Simon Crompton’s book, The Sartorial Travel Guide, details the finest menswear producers and retailers across ten of the world’s most stylish cities.


Simon Crompton has spent much of his career traveling the world to meet and advise the finest menswear producers and artisans. In The Sartorial Travel Guide he distills his knowledge of how to pack for and what to bring back from 10 of the world’s most stylish cities, including LondonHong Kong, and Los Angeles. The guide also includes must-visit shops in each city as well as in-depth profiles of standout tailors, clothiers, and shoemakers, offering insights into the craftsmanship behind the trademark style of each city, from a traditional kimono maker in Japan to a cufflink expert in Naples.


4. Leisure Craft: Royal Version 001 Jet Capsule

The Royal Version 001 is a larger, faster, and more luxurious version of the original Jet Capsule.


 Pair the excitement of a speedboat with the comfort of a petite yacht and you may well come up with the new Royal Version 001 Jet Capsule. The cute craft’s interior features 194 square feet (18 sq m) of teak-trimmed deck space encompassing nine plush leather seats and a bar. An air-conditioning system ensures controlled temperatures within the boat, whatever the weather conditions outside. Other upgrades include an automatic rear door and automated front windshield. Fully customizable, the Jet Capsule can be equipped with Yanmar diesel engines offering a range of power from 370hp up to 1040hp. And with the latest Hamilton or Rolls-Royce jet drives, this zippy watercraft can reach speeds from 32 to 62 knots.


5. Boats: Beau Lake’s Runabout

Inspired by the classic styling of the vintage pedalo, Beau Lake’s Tahoe – 14 is a stylish way to get onto the water.


 Lee Kline, cofounder and design director of Canada’s Beau Lake, says his Runabout Tahoe – 14 pedal boat was inspired by a 1950s Mediterranean-style pedalo belonging to business partner and CEO Paul Lavoie. Combining the elegant beauty of classic wooden boats with 21st-century technology, the pedal boat is built for “excursions, sunset cruises, and lake explorations.” As well as a molded fiberglass body, inlaid veneer deck, and stainless-steel castings, the Runabout has detachable leather seat covers, a Bimini cover, and a compartmentalized drinks cooler.