The Mystique of the West – Arizona & Montana | Affiliate Listing Spotlight

Somewhere in the desert foothills of Arizona, somewhere on the grassland mountains of Montana, somewhere immersed deep in the Western landscape lies the key to life. Whether it’s the New West convenience and luxury of a place like Scottsdale – where centuries of horse culture live side by side with exquisite golf courses, Top Chef-level dining and designer shopping, or a place like Lewistown, Montana, where the Old West tradition and history suffuses the broad, handsome expanses, a certain kind of living keeps people closer to the land.


This unique offering is comprised of two trophy properties that lead you to a single turn-key lifestyle. Horsethief Basin Ranch, a 7,000-acre black angus cattle ranch, is located just outside of Lewistown, Montana. MorDo Ranch is a 100-acre horse ranch located on the edge of Scottsdale, Arizona. It is the balance between new and old. Desert and mountain. Summer and winter. These two ranches belong together.



Horsethief Basin Ranch, Lewistown, Montana

The Old West Heritage & Grandeur of Montana



A winding lane flanked by miles of lush, green grass. This is the West the way it was, the West of cowboys and cattle drives, beautiful wildflowers and abundant wildlife. Here, people are still riding for the brand and the hills and mountains still hold untamed promises. On this landscape, with its epic sweep and rich history, human impact still feels scant and natural rhythms set the pace. This is vastness as a way of life, the land as a means of changing the way you feel about your place on earth.




Down the road 15 minutes is Lewistown, a town that might have stepped out of 1950’s Western set, a place where cowboys still wear chaps and spurs in the saloon. It has an airport for private aviation, and all the groceries and dry goods you need so that you can be self-sufficient and surrounded by the grandeur that remains only in pockets in this country-pockets like Horsethief Basin.


MorDo Ranch, Scottsdale, Arizona
New West Leisure, Luxury & Convenience



Pass through the private gates. Drive through the shade of mesquite and palo verde trees. Ocotillo flowers pop orange against the landscape. When you arrive at the estancia, it’s like transporting through another era, a time when a man’s word was his bond and worth was determined by the work you could do in a day, without ever leaving the comfort and conveniences of the era you know.



A few minutes drive away lies scores of world-class golf courses, some of the finest shopping in the country and cutting-edge medical facilities. But MorDo is an enchanting slice of serenity on the edge of the modern splendour of Scottsdale, a 100-acre sanctuary nestled amid the sweet smell of sage and saguaro right on the edge of town.


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