The 2018 Luxury Specialist Conference In New York City

Christie’s International Real Estate held their 2018 Luxury Specialist Conference from September 24th-25th in New York City at the Christie’s Rockefeller Plaza. Reserved exclusively for members of Christie’s global Affiliate network, the Luxury Specialist Conference was a forum for the world’s leading real estate experts to explore best practices and strategies, and gain competitive insights on navigating today’s ever-changing luxury residential property market. Upon completion, all conference attendees received the prestigious certificate of designation as a 2018 Christie’s International Real Estate Luxury Specialist


Many of our sales representatives at Chestnut Park attended the conference including Justine Deluce, Kara Reed, Helen Braithwaite, Lynne Elkind, Iris and Jim Gardiner, Maggie Lind, Sara Rowshanbin, James Warren, Jeff Knight, Barb and Ron Picot, Barbara Brunton, Maggie Tomlinson and Josh Klein. We asked them to share their experiences and photos with us so we could share the experience with our readers.















“It was a great conference for networking and some excellent presentations over the two days. Also, it was exciting and insightful to walk through high-end listings, and the Darlington Mansion where they held the welcome reception.” -Sara Rowshanbin


“I learned all about luxury real estate and met very nice people from different cities and countries. It was interesting to learn about different markets from other affiliates. I also enjoyed the conference as it was very informative and I learned all about Christie’s. Visiting their headquarters in New York was also fantastic” Lynne Elkind


“A phenomenal economic review named Elliot Eisenberg “Internationally acclaimed economist and public speaker specializing in making the arcana and minutia of economics fun, relevant and educational.” His insight into the state of the global economy, including reaffirming the economic strength of Canada, was Terrific; He spoke about his concerns on the US governments spending billions during a time when the workforce is operating full capacity. Christie’s was organized and operated the gathering at the absolute highest level to ensure Chestnut Park’s clients are properly networked throughout North America and the world – people from Spain, Japan, China, Paris, Netherlands ETC” -Josh Klein 


 Thanks to our sales representatives for sharing their photos with us!