Stylish Accessories To Upgrade Your Home

Looking to spruce up your home with new accessories in 2019? Now is the time to introduce some fresh designs and accessories to your home as we embark on the new year. Here are a few ideas to help you get started with some stylish upgrades for your home.



Statement Light Fixtures

Lighting is a simple yet transformational change to any room. Change your lighting fixtures from the standard setup to an eye-catching addition to your space. From elegant chandeliers to classic floor lamps, there is a lighting setup that will suit your individual style. If you are looking to incorporate some modern design elements into your home, Pavilion has some amazing options for abstract and modern fixtures, including this beautiful brass pendant light. This Queen West outpost is a great spot to find luxury home decor in Toronto with a mix of modern and vintage pieces that will bring new life into your home.


Elegant Cocktail Cart

Styling a bar cart in your living or dining room is the perfect way to turn an empty corner into the life of the party. Step up your party hosting by curating the perfect bar setup for a great night of entertaining. This bar cart from Spruce Toronto is a classic style that would work well with different design styles. Everything you include on your cart is what will bring your personality to the forefront. Try incorporating colour and textures into your glassware, such as this set of copper-dipped smoke martini glasses from Cocktail Emporium. Add the finishing touches of your favourite bottles of alcohol to accompany the eye catching cart.


Impactful Wall Art

The best way to bring colour and life into a room is through art. Big or small, art has a way of making a powerful impact on a space with textures, colours, and size. Investing in art is a huge step to making your home express your personality and flair. Visit your favourite art galleries and take inspiration from your favourite pieces to find what would work best in your home. Did you know that the Art Gallery of Ontario offers several artworks for rent and sale? Their massive collection offers a variety of pieces for you to explore and see what would fit best on your wall. There are also plenty of smaller art galleries across the city, where you can discover up and coming artists to feature in your home as well!


Textured Area Rugs

If you are looking to subtly add dimension to a space, an area rug is the way to go. With so many variations in size and texture, you can create the cozy living space of your dreams. Layering rugs has become a popular trend over the last year, and it is an innovative way to mix and match styles. EQ3 is a great high end home decor store in Toronto with an array of beautifully woven rugs in various sizes that will be the perfect addition to your home.