Navigating Mental and Physical Health While Working At Home During COVID-19

The healthier we stay, both body and mind, the more likely we will be able to come out of this feeling less stressed, healthier and more able to handle whatever challenges come our way. Here are some practical tips for maintaining your mental and physical health while working at home.


Practice healthy sleep patterns. 


Try your best to set a consistent time to go to sleep and rise each day. Perhaps even a 20-minute siesta during the day.


Brighten the mood of the space you are working in.

After all, we are all spending a lot more time in our home. A comfortable space can help promote a calmer mindset.


Exercise daily.


Physical health supports mental health. Healthy body, healthy mind and vice versa.


Spend at least 30 minutes, (if possible), outside every day. 

Of course, being mindful of maintaining physical and social distancing. It is important to spend time outside in the fresh air and it has been proven to be a natural stress release.


Eat nourishing food.

This supports your immune system. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”


Set one goal a day 

Aside from your regular work routine, this is a great time to declutter, work on a house project you have been putting off, getting in shape. etc.


Practice Self Care

Each day doing something just for you. Here is a list of possibilities and try not to overdo it: set up a home spa hour, start an art project, catch up on reading, journaling, listening to music, watching a movie, expanding those cooking skills, practicing yoga and mindfulness, or simply just be.  Do what feels good. 


Maintain and build healthy relationships.


Positive relationships support a healthy immune system by bringing more joy and fun into your life. Find whatever works best under the circumstances; Zoom, Skype, Face Time or a simple phone call. After all, we are human and we need each other.


Be kind to yourself and to others
We are all in this together.


Provided by Patricia Drynan, Mindfulness and Yoga Instructor