Must-Visit Toronto Food Festivals in August

Foodies unite! The city of Toronto truly comes alive in the summer months as it’s inhabitants feel a sense of adventure and explore the best of what the city has to offer. Every summer, festivals come and go to highlight some of the best foods available throughout the city. Whether you identify as a foodie or simply enjoy getting out and attending community events, our guide on food festivals happening in Toronto has everything you need to navigate the culinary scene of this multicultural mosaic that is Toronto. 


Taste of the Danforth / August 9th-August 11th 



The Taste of the Danforth is one of the highly regarded food festivals that come to Toronto and for good reason. Occurring from August 9th-11th, the festival expects to welcome over 1.5 million visitors over the course of the weekend! Those who attend will be treated to an authentic celebration of Greektown by serving food from different heritages as a celebration of Canada’s multiculturalism. Restaurant owners will proudly be featuring tasting menus for small fees so you can try a multitude of tasty treats.


Toronto Food Truck Festival / August 2nd-August 5th 



The variety at this up and coming festival is one of the enticing reasons to attend as lovers of dumplings, burgers, jerk chicken, and tasty desserts should make sure to attend this adventurous culinary gathering. Spanning from August 2nd-5th, the festival comes complete with halal and vegan options, along with handy debit and credit card readers to ensure even the cashless can get in on the fun. Attendees feeling up to the task can take part in some enticing eating challenges and enjoy a cold beer.


Waterfront Night Market / August 9th-August 11th 



Aiming to feature and highlight the brilliant multiculturalism that runs throughout the veins of Toronto, much like the night markets found in the fabric of Asian culture, the variety of Asian themed “street food” will be present, along with merchandise and cultural performances that will make for an all-out night market experience. For the first year, the night market will feature a craft beer section where you can combine your Instagram worthy street food with some local and national brews. 


Vegandale / August 10th 



While it’s only happening for one day, Vegandale is a can’t miss experience for anyone looking to explore the vegan side of cuisine. Those in attendance will be treated to choose from over 100 of North America’s leading vegan food vendors as well as live music and entertainment. Many “larger than life” art installations will be available for you to marvel at, as well as many games for you to try.