Muskoka Conservancy and Muskoka On The Edge 2018

Chestnut Park is pleased to sponsored another fantastic event! Muskoka on The Edge is an event by Muskoka Conservatory, which is happening this weekend on August 12th.  It’s an excellent event to support and we hope that our friends in the community have an opportunity to stop by.



Muskoka Conservancy is a land trust and registered charity with a mission to protect and care for Muskoka’s natural spaces. They currently protect 39 properties totalling about 2,500 acres, 426 acres of wetland, 36,000 feet of sensitive shoreline, much of its habitat for species at risk, like the Blandings Turtle and Canada Warbler.




Regional land trusts work collaboratively across Ontario and across Canada, each playing a local role in a much bigger conservation picture. Canada has committed internationally to protect approximately 17% of our land for nature conservation by 2020. The conservatory is far short of that goal. If they are to achieve their commitment, local land trusts like theirs will play in important role in acquiring and protecting new nature reserves. That’s what the Muskoka on the Edge, or MotE, is all about.



MotE’18 is their third biennial party at the Muskoka Lakes Golf & Country Club, just outside of Port Carling on Lake Rosseau. The club’s spectacular boathouse lends a buoyant charm to the evening, while Chef David and his staff work wonders with an arrangement of food stations and circulating hors-d’oeuvres. A selection of beers and wines are included.



In 2014, 2016 and now in 2018, MotE ticket sales, sponsorships, live and silent auctions help generate much-needed funds that ensure the Conservancy continues to conserve nature in Muskoka through property acquisition, legally binding conservation agreements, and the encouragement of best practices through a careful selection of outreach programs.   




Their 2017-18 Annual Report and 2017 audited financial statements are available, and staff and volunteers are always happy to answer questions. Just call Scott Young (705) 645-7393 ext. 204 or email