Local Living | Muskoka Edition

Without question, the Muskoka region is one of Canada’s most admired areas, and for good reason: between the landscape, food, and lovely personalities within the different communities, it is the quintessential Canadian paradise. For many, Muskoka is refuge from urban living, as it offers the ideal getaway into nature and away from the stresses of contemporary living.

During your next excursion in Muskoka, we want you to make the most of your time, and to help, we have devised the best ways to unwind and connect with Muskoka’s unique shops, traditions, and activities. 

Check out our top Muskoka recommendations below!

Shopping in Muskoka

For all your camping and cottage needs, with extra unique apparel reflecting the distinctiveness of the area, visit The Muskoka Store!

The Muskoka Store has deep roots in the community. Originally called Muskoka Windsurfing when it was first opened by Bruce Clark in 1979, overtime it started selling more clothes and cottager outfits that reflected the historical and modern state of Muskoka. Located just off Highway 11 before Gravenhurst, The Muskoka Store is known to many as a retail institution with a plethora of products: from clothes and sportswear to custom furniture and rental equipment, this store has it all! Amongst their best sellers are embroidered sweaters and hoodies with the iconic Muskoka logo, inflatable paddle boards that are perfect for the lakes, and camping blankets for cool evenings.  

If you are on your way to the Muskoka area, make sure to stop by Gravenhurst to check out The Muskoka Store!

Sweet Treats: Henrietta’s Pine Bakery

Henrietta’s Pine Bakery offers classic pastries with modern twists that has made it Muskoka’s favourite bakery for over 50 years!

As a family owned and operated business, with two locations in Dwight and Huntsville, Henrietta’s has been an undeniable staple for locals. Pastries range from sweet to savory, cookies, buns, pies, and sandwiches! Many people familiar with the Muskoka area describe the customer base of Henrietta’s as extremely devoted. Their first store opened on downtown Brock Street in 1959 by Fritz Rubelein who brought traditional European baked good recipes to the area. His son and daughter-in-law Peter and Judy Rubelein took it over in 1974. 

One of their locations resides in northeast Muskoka at the fork of highway 60 and 35 with signature red curtains and an “open” flag. 

Visit Henrietta’s and you will see why it is the “pine bakery” as it is surrounded by large pine trees. 

Oliver’s Coffee

At Oliver’s Coffee they believe in bringing people together with great coffee and delicious food. They are passionate about brewing terrific coffee so that you can have the perfect cup. 

Fun fact: did you know that Oliver’s roast their own beans in Muskoka? Well, they do, and it helps ensure the quality and enjoyment that Oliver’s promises with each cup served. Oliver’s proudly roast their own coffee every 2 weeks in small batches meaning it is always extremely fresh.

Oliver’s has 7 locations throughout Muskoka from Gravenhurst to Huntsville to Port Carling.

If all of this is not good enough reason to check them out, maybe you should know that they are named after a chocolate-lab — yes! Family owned and operated since 2003 serving Muskoka residents and newcomers, they offer free dog treats to any furry friends who may also want an espresso to go. 

Group of Seven Outdoor Gallery

Of all the fun and entertaining activities that Muskoka has to offer, visiting the group of seven outdoor gallery stands as a unique and breathtaking experience.

While you may be able to see prized works by famed Canadian artists of the Group of Seven in galleries across the country, experiencing them in the region that many of the works were inspired from in terms of landscape and mood is unrivaled. 

The free gallery is a community binding experience in which spectators can look at artists such as Tom Thomson who have had massive impacts on natural art globally and capture the beauty of the Canadian outdoors. 

The gallery is structured as a fun tour that will have you in different parts of the Muskoka area as some paintings are in Huntsville and you can either go on foot or hop in your car to view art pieces.

Muskoka Highlands Golf Links

Calling all golf enthusiasts!

Muskoka Highlands Golf Links is one the premier spots to golf in an already stacked region for the greens!

The course is one of the most scenic and affordable in the area, with some of the best bent grass greens. The fairway is both long and wide ensuring you get the most out of your time playing. The course is neither easy nor challenging to ensure a fun, well-rounded experience. 

Located just 2 minutes from downtown Bracebridge, golfers of all ages can drop by. For beginners, they offer lessons from a PGA Certified Professional in which you can do lessons privately or in a group.

For those who are looking for a scenic location without the golf, they also offer wedding services for the ideal Muskoka backdrop to your special day. Make a reservation and grab your clubs for a memorable outing!