Interior Design | Maximalism

Maximalism as we know is not a new style with décor but it has not always been embraced by the general public. If you have been feeling bored with minimalism, well now is the time that this style has taken the back seat. People have been embracing the maximalist style and throwing out any “rule book” that once was when it came to interior design.

I see people doing Maximalisms trying to tell a story. Even though this type of design seems to be all over the place, every piece within the room has an important role. Certain pieces or colours are curated in a way that is thought out and particularly placed. Maximalism can definitely be looked at as an organized ‘chaos’.
Here are a few key tips on how to navigate the start of your maximalist journey. Even though maximalism is an aesthetic that is up to you and your unique expression, here are a few suggestions to get you started.
If you have a green thumb, this style will be great for you to display your plants! To add to the controlled chaos of maximalism, you can put your indoor plants in strategic areas all over the place! Vine plants particularly look good with this style, as they can weave along different shelves and tie different pieces together. Another great idea that I love is to add a pop of colour with a fresh bouquet of flowers and placing them in a thrifted vase as a centrepiece.


Art! I know in my home there is a lot of art that is in storage because the collection never seems to stop growing. This is the time when you can brush off the dust of your stored art and hang them on the wall. Whatever the piece, if you love it, it’s time to put it on display! A gallery wall is a great to way to add to this aesthetic. The more is always merrier.


Accessories are a key part of this type of interior design. Adding different coloured and patterned pillows or blankets on the furniture can be a fun way to add some coziness to the room and offer comfy places to sit and relax.


If you are really wanting to take your rooms with this design to the next level and add even more colour, think about adding an accent wall or maybe even wallpaper! Fun patterns with wallpaper can be a great way to accentuate the maximalist design.


If you want some more inspiration for your maximalism designs here are some content creators that have beautiful taste in this area of design.