How to Make Your Home Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Sustainability is an important issue that seems to be on top of everyone’s minds. The concept of sustainability and decreasing your environmental footprint is so grand that many people simply don’t know how to act now for the betterment of the future. Thankfully, there are many simple and accessible ways that homeowners can decrease their environmental footprint and make their home an eco-friendly paradise. 


We’ve put together a brief guide on how you can make some eco-friendly changes in your home that will have long-lasting benefits.



Practice Consistent Water Conservation


Water conservation is nothing new, but monitoring your water consumption is an incredibly important method of sustainability in 2019. Simple basic habits can go a long way, where turning off the tap between shaving use and brushing teeth can save litres over the course of a week. It’s also important to be on top of any leaks that may be present in your home, where often the turn of a wrench is all you need to make a quick fix. Even a leaky faucet can have significant environmental and financial impacts, so be sure to monitor the water outlets in your home and call be sure to call a professional if necessary. It’s easy to forget about saving water, but water conservation can go a long way to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and your overall carbon footprint. 


Conserve Energy Wherever Possible


You don’t have to go overboard with this step, but simply unplugging devices after use can conserve large amounts of electricity, and cash over time. The average laptop uses a substantial amount of electricity when sitting idle, so try turning off your devices when you’re done using them. Those looking to take this practice a step further can utilize a clothesline where ever possible, to substitute the use of a dryer (specifically on warm and sunny days). Finally, LED lightbulbs are a great way to conserve energy by using less electricity over time. They might cost a little more upfront, however, you’ll thank yourself for the investment by having your lightbulbs last longer over time while using less electricity. 


Solar Panels and Eco-Friendly Roofs


While Solar Panels are an expensive investment in the short term, they’ve also been shown to help boost the value of your home over time. The benefits alone are worth speaking with a sustainability consultant to go over your options with plenty of tax credits available to those looking to install solar panels on the roofs on their property. In many cases, the cost of installing a solar panel can pay for themselves over time, while requiring little to no maintenance over the product lifecycle. Looking for a smaller investment? Cool Roofs offer a metallic roof structure with the ability to reflect the heat emitted from the sun while simultaneously keeping your home cool and reducing the need for air conditioning. 


Smart Home Technology


Investing in smart-home technology is a great way to decrease the carbon footprint of your home while saving some extra cash. For example, the google nest thermostat can save on an average up to 10-12 percent of your home energy bill by adapting to your usage needs. This device has a sleek display that will provide feedback on your energy usage and can adjust to conserve energy when you are out of the house for work. The nest can also provide reports on your energy usage and provide tips on how to use less over time!