How To Keep Cool in Toronto This Summer

As the city of Toronto braces for another summer of intimidatingly high temperatures, it’s worthwhile to take note of the many activities available that can help you cool down and beat the scorching heat. Read our brief guide on how you can beat Toronto’s heat this summer and keep cool so you can get outside and enjoy the summer months. 


 Go for a Swim


The city of Toronto has well over 100 pools that offer a multitude of public swimming programs including leisure swims, lane swims, instructional lessons, and even drop-in fitness sessions. Taking a dip in the local pool isn’t just a great way to cool down from the summer heat, it’s a great impromptu workout that can help keep you active during the summer months. The majority of these pools offer affordable entry fees so be sure to bring the whole family out for a day of fun!


Treat Yourself to Some Ice-Cream


There’s no other treat synonymous with beating the hot weather than a delicious, mountainous scoop of ice-cream on a hot summer day. Make your way down to one of Ed’s Real Scoop locations for one of Toronto’s most famous ice-cream experiences. You can find Ed’s Real Scoop on either end of the city, with locations thriving in Leslieville as well as in the west end on Roncesvalles Avenue. 


Looking for something more unique? Arctic Bites on Baldwin Avenue have a staggering menu of Thai Ice-Cream roles that are sure to make for a great photo and a delicious summer treat. Venture to this specialized dessert shop for a menu including Oreo, blueberry, and strawberry themed ice-cream displays. 


Waterparks and Splash-Pads 


If a public pool outing doesn’t scream excitement to you, why not try out one of Toronto’s splash-pads or waterparks? These facilities offer a great alternative option to cool off while having a family outing of fun times amidst the heat. You can find a community splash-pad in one of Toronto’s many convenient locations, such as High Park, Amesbury Park, and Woodbine Park. Look to Canada’s Wonderland or Centreville Amusement Park for some of Toronto’s best public waterpark experiences with acres of water-filled fun and activities. 


Go on an Adventure Downtown


While it may seem counterintuitive to leave the comfort of your air-conditioned home, going shopping in the Eaton Centre can be one of the best ways to spend your time while beating the heat in this massive air-conditioned shopping centre. The Eaton Centre is a cool haven in the heart of downtown Toronto with a variety of stores and food options that are sure to help you kill some of your time and expand your wardrobe. 




Shopping isn’t quite your cup of tea? Head to the Art Gallery of Ontario for a journey through some of Canada’s most progressive and stunning works of art, all while enjoying an abundance of cool air and air conditioning. Entry fees for the AGO are free for individuals under the age of 25, while admission prices top out at $10.