How to Create the Ultimate Outdoor Living Space

Having a desirable outdoor space is key to making the most out of beautiful summer weather with the company of your friends and family. It’s important to note that the process of shaping your ideal living space isn’t limited to interior design, it extends to the great outdoors and a world of new possibilities.


The modern patio set has evolved into more than just an occasional family congregation centre to the preferred lounge destination for all who appreciate nature, community, and the outside world. Celebrate your backyard and the blissful, laid back atmosphere that comes naturally with your perfect outdoor living space. 



Finding the perfect seating is crucial to developing a functional and inviting space for yourself and your guests.  The Fusion collection by Brown Jordan offers the perfect combination of luxury and leisure by blending European and Asian influences into an incredibly functional and aesthetically pleasing hub for your outdoor get-togethers. These sets were made for luxurious living but don’t compromise on comfort as you’ll want to sit back in these hand-woven masterpieces and watch the sunset on another successful outdoor celebration.



The verge collection, also by Brown Jordan offers an inviting leisure spot by the pool with a simplistic and modern look, authentic to the traditional patio outing experience synonymous with leisure and relaxation.



For some additional seating, The iconic deckchair from Kettal offers the optimal poolside oasis. Soak up the sun or escape to a reader’s paradise with your favourite book and pass the time away.



Bring your patio set together with the linear fire pit table by Robata. This extravagant piece will offer your guests a spot to gather and enjoy the outdoors during the colder, less ideal nights.


Find the Right Lighting


As you may want to host events well after sundown, you’ll want to have the optimal lighting set up for your numerous parties and get-togethers. Casa Di Luce offers unique lighting fixtures built with European inspiration. Constructed with themes of divine inner light, the Spillo outdoor floor lamps are sure to illuminate your patio and highlight the festive and jubilant nature your company will be sure to provide.



Architonic also has a wide variety of creative lighting solutions that can suit any layout such as lighting trees, portable lamps, and elegant overhead pendant lights.



No outdoor living space would be complete without the implementation of high-quality entertainment and speakers to liven up the atmosphere. The Beoplay A9 speaker from Bang & Olufsen offers a versatile, awe-inspiring audio experience, armed with textile covers and wooden legs that fit well in an outdoor environment.



Earlier this year, the popular speaker brand Sonos unveiled a new line of outdoor speakers which offer fantastic sound packed in a portable, simplistic design sure to wow your guests and set the mood for the ultimate patio party.



Bowers and Wilkins also have strong offerings for outdoor speakers with the Am-1, designed to be easily installed on any wall while maintaining a high-quality sound despite the non-imposing size.