Holiday Hosting Tips

The winter holiday season can be a hectic time filled with family visits and holiday parties. You may find yourself welcoming people into your home more often this season, so be prepared to be a host extraordinaire and provide your guests with the best! From decor to food, holiday party planning can be a bit of a momentous task, but we’ve come up with a few holiday party essentials you should know to get you started on hosting the best party this holiday season.


Focus On Your Guests First




It is the little details that bring an entire event together, and your guests’ experience is highly influential of the night’s success. Be aware any allergies or accessibility issues that may arise if specific guests show up. By providing options for those with dietary restrictions or even labelling all of the options available, your guests will be pleased to know you remembered these small details about them. Personalized touches such as place cards at the dinner table can show your guests how much it means that they are with you to celebrate the holidays. It is also important to keep in mind the demographics that may be in attendance at your party. Think ahead and plan space and activities for your younger party attendees to enjoy the festivities with child-friendly snacks and games.


Elevated Holiday Decor



Holiday decor is traditionally bright flashing colours and garish displays – your home does not need to look like Santa’s Village to get in the holiday spirit. Whether your style is modern glam or classic vintage, there is holiday decor that will match your aesthetic beautifully. If your family loves having a fresh Christmas tree in your home, you can decorate it with garland and ornaments that match the accent colours of your home. Most home goods stores offer decor in a multitude of colours, sizes, and textures. By incorporating the holiday decor directly into your existing home decor, you will emphasize your style rather than overwhelm with tacky decorations.  


Small But Mighty Appetizers



One thing that all guests expect at any holiday event is food. Your entire soiree can be elevated based on the type of food you choose to serve. Whether you are having the event catered or you plan to prepare all of the food yourself, plan for food that encapsulates the holiday season in one bite. Focus on flavours that are a traditional staple for the holidays such as cranberries and turkey. You can serve a elegant holiday appetizers such as cranberry baked brie or smoked turkey bruschetta. If you have guests visiting from out of town, a charcuterie board of local cheeses and meats can help them enjoy the amazing flavours your area has to offer.


Incorporate Your Holiday Traditions Into Your Festivities



The holidays are about family, and what better way to make your guest feel most welcome than by incorporating some of your holiday traditions into your event. These traditions can range from caroling to holiday baking, but including these small details can make all the difference in the warm and welcoming environment every party strives to have. This is a perfect way to get your children involved in the holiday planning – they can bake desserts for your guests to enjoy or create personalized holiday cards for all of your guests. By adding some personal aspects to the festivities, you will definitely stand out amongst the holiday party crowd.