Haliburton Fall Activities

Haliburton is filled with breathtaking lookout points and kilometres of changing greenery, which makes it a prime spot for enjoying everything that fall has to offer. From outdoor activities in Haliburton to cozying up indoors, here are a few activities and events in Haliburton we are looking forward to this season.

Explore fall’s changing colours by foot or bike through the 300 kilometres of hiking trails in Haliburton. Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve offer detailed maps of all of their trails, ranked by their difficulty level so you can make sure everyone can conquer the trails. One of the more difficult trails, Lookout Trail, features one massive hill to trek but it also reaches two stunning views to enjoy the beauty of fall. To find out more about all of the available trails, you can visit their website.

Take your fall trip indoors, with a guided tour of the craft breweries and winery in the Haliburton area. Through this excursion, you will be toured through the fine flavours that Haliburton has to offer, and the fall season likely offers some seasonal treats to spice up this trip! The excursion comes with beer and wine samples, special snacks, swag and transportation. To get more details and book your excursion, visit the Yours Outdoors website.

Take a walk in the clouds along the longest canopy walkway in the world. If you are looking for things to do in Haliburton, this outdoor excursion is definitely worth the trip. Over 10 metres above the ground, this walkway overlooks the beautiful Haliburton Forest, which at this point in the year is now covered in golden and red leaves. At over half a kilometre in length, this will be no easy walk in the park, but the view will surely be worth it!

See the fall colours up close and personal through a back country ATV tour through Haliburton. This scenic experience will allow you to travel through kilometres of lush forest through a fun 4×4 trek on a world-class outdoor tour. This experience can be either two hours or four hours, with the latter stopping at Ragged Falls. To find out more and book your excursion, visit the Back Country Tours website.