Essentials For A Bathroom Oasis

The bathroom is probably one of the smallest and most difficult spaces to decorate in your home, but that doesn’t mean it should be neglected of beautiful decor or luxury accessories. From decorating your spacious master bathroom to a tiny powder room, here are a few bathroom essentials that will transform your average bathroom into a beautiful oasis.



Whether your bathroom is following the design scheme of the room adjoined to it or is a complete contrast, it will still follow an overall theme. The easiest way to transform this space is with cohesive bathroom accessories. It is the small details in this small space that can make all the difference. A matching bathroom ensemble, like this white marble option from Wayfair, can give a sleek and uniform look to your bathroom. This simple accessories will allow you to establish a theme, which you can continue into your shower curtains, hand and body towels, and more!



Transformational changes in a bathroom all start with the functionality of the space itself. How is the pressure on your shower head? How well does the exhaust fan work in your bathroom? These minor questions can be a make or break for a bathroom oasis. There are so many shower head options on the market that you can choose what works best for you. Options like rain shower heads may seem daunting, as most need you to change the plumbing to install it above your shower, but this option from Home Depot allows you to install it into the standard bathroom piping and upgrade your faucets tenfold.



Storage is definitely key in small spaces, and you have to use your space wisely! Under-sink storage is the prime place to keep all of your bathroom accessories, but maximizing on-counter and wall storage is a great option as well. For guest bathrooms especially, this is important if you want to provide your guests with a stock of towels, soaps, lotions, and more. By having your bath products neatly displayed and readily available for your guests to use, you will make them feel more welcomed into your home. This open storage shelf from Wayfair allows you to have your products on display in a better organized way.


Bathroom decorating ideas are elevated when introducing luxury items. These accessories are a step above the items in your traditional bathroom. A heated towel rack is a phenomenal installation for those cold winter mornings after getting out of the shower, and is a special treat for all. Enhance your bathroom oasis with soaps and lotions infused with calming essential oils like lavender, jasmine, or chamomile that will give everyone that indulgent spa feeling.