Drinks To Warm You Up This Fall

Fill up your cup with fall flavours! Fall has officially arrived, and it has brought chilly weather that is perfect for enjoying a book with a warm drink. Find your favourite flavour infused into one of the amazing drinks for fall that you can enjoy all season long. Indulge in one of these options that will warm you right up! 


Hot Spiced Apple Cider

This warm and cozy classic has been brought to a new level! This is one of the best fall drinks to make at home, with freshly picked apples and introducing some traditional fall flavours like cloves, cinnamon, ginger, and orange slices. This recipe can be quickly thrown together and made in large quantities to serve the entire family! Check out the recipe at Catching Seeds!


Cinnamon Apple Tea Latte

Start your morning with a sweet twist on your typical latte. Combining cinnamon and apple with your favourite black tea will transform your morning cup! This recipe can be customized to best fit your flavour palette by steeping your tea for a longer period of time or playing with the consistency by adding more water. Check out the recipe and all of the helpful tips at MontanaHappy.


Mulled Wine

We are currently in the midst of the Autumn Harvest, and that means it is prime season for cranberries! One of the best fall cocktails is Mulled Wine, which will have you wishing for the winter holidays in the middle of fall! This drink will surely spice up a festive fall party with its simple recipe and complex flavours. Visit Kitchen Treaty to try their recipe that you can make in a slow cooker!


Bailey’s Hot Chocolate

This traditional treat is adults-only! This boozy beverage is a decadent delight that will be a hit all season long! You can mix it up with different chocolate flavours to add a fun twist to a cozy classic! Check out The Magical Slow Cooker for the base recipe for this sweet treat!


Harvest Mimosas

Make Thanksgiving a little more fun with these Harvest Mimosas. Inspired by the sweetness of the season, this is a great addition to the long weekend festivities! A mixture of apple cider and prosecco plus some seasonal fruits make a simple but scrumptious drink! The recipe for the Harvest Mimosas can be found at Delish!