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This article was originally published in the Summer 2020 issue of Invest In Style Magazine


In reality, CrossFit is all about having a great time and staying active, with workouts geared to everyone
from ages 8 to 80. That’s the message that Muskoka’s newest CrossFit gym operators are trying to get across with CrossFit Muskoka.


“It’s all relative. My grandma working hard and a professional hockey player working hard are two different things,” says David Kearsey, co-owner and operator of CrossFit Muskoka with his wife, Kathryn Kearsey. “This
is for everyone from kids to super athletes. We just put some music on and have some fun.”



The 2,2000 square foot gym is located in the building which many in the Port Carling area know as the former Peaks and Rafters location. “I absolutely love our space. It just fits so well with the ambiance we were going for and the ambiance of Muskoka in general,” says Kathryn. “It was built about 20 years ago. I had been there a few times to shop and I’d always loved it. Once we saw the property was for sale, we were in.”


Founders Kathryn, David, and Doochie.


The couple come by their love of CrossFit naturally. Originally from Toronto, Kathryn was a yoga and pilates instructor working in London, England, when she met David. Born and raised in the UK, David was a professional rugby player when their paths crossed at her studio. 


CrossFit Muskoka is a community-based gym offering quality coaching, premium facilities.



The couple moved to France where they had their first experience with CrossFit. “We used to go on workout dates and we thought we’d try CrossFit,” says David. “We fell for it hard. It was just so much fun. It actually wasn’t so much about the workout itself as the CrossFit community. It’s something that we’ve never experienced before.”


The couple hopes to create just such a community in Muskoka, centered around their gym in Port Carling. Both are Level 3 CrossFit trainers, an achievement that requires a great deal of testing and study.




Kathryn spent time cottaging in Muskoka as a child, and the couple eventually got the chance to try working out in the area. For Kathryn, it was a reminder of what she loved about the region, and for David it was a crash course in what makes this area such a sought-after place to visit and live.


“Those were some of the most fun workouts I’ve ever done,” says David. “But there was something missing and that was a community of like-minded people.”



To create that community, they hope to make CrossFit Muskoka as family- friendly as possible.


“A lot of people see CrossFit athletes accomplishing seemingly inhuman feats of strength and endurance and they assume all CrossFit is the same,” says Kathryn. “There are definitely people who are in it to win it…but we’re not those people.”


From the first-time gym-goer to the elite athlete, we welcome everyone of all levels to join us. Muskoka Crossfit has the best equipment available to the market for thier members. The popularity of CrossFit has exploded over the past decade and the couple says it really isn’t hard to figure out why.


“Living a healthy lifestyle has become a huge thing and that’s what CrossFit is all about. You don’t need any special equipment or to drink a special tea. You just show up and someone makes sure you’re safe and moving well,” says David. “The bottom line is that it works.”



When the Ontario Government announces Stage 3 reopening protocols, CrossFit Muskoka will be ready.

As well as adhering to government guidelines, and the standards recently released by both the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology and the Fitness Industry Council of Canada, Kathryn says CrossFit Muskoka is &ldquoing above and beyond” to ensure the health and safety of their patrons. Classes will be limited to six people. A 15-minute break between classes will ensure no coming-and-going traffic at the door, and provides time to clean between classes.


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Written by: Matt Driscoll

Photography by: Taylor Nullmeyer