Cozy Accessories To Keep You Warm This Winter

In Canada, we don’t let a little snow and freezing temperatures stop us from enjoying our days. With the plethora of local brands available in and around the city, there are endless options to keep you warm and toasty on the worst weather days. These brands will not only ensure your warmth, but keep you looking stylish all season long!



Sorel Winter Boots

Expertly crafted boots by Sorel are the ideal choice to keep your feet warm this winter. Not only are these boots durable and weatherproof, they are extremely stylish and offer a variety of options to keep you warm yet fashionable throughout the winter season. Whether you’re looking to find the right casual cold winter day boot or a pair to get you through the worst of the winter snow storms, Sorel has a massive selection of styles for any weather condition.


Layer Up With Pink Tartan

If you’re looking to level up your fashion game this season, Pink Tartan is the perfect spot to find the perfect winter accessories for 2019. Their luxurious brand offers an intricate selection of layering pieces that will help you bundle up for the extreme weather conditions. Check out their Cashmere Cardigan Shawl is the perfect option to layer up this season without looking too bulky or disheveled from the weather.


Bundle Up At MEC

Prepare yourself for the worst winter weather by investing in a durable outer layer. MEC is the ideal spot to get the best winter jacket that will get you through your daily commute or a day on the slopes! The sleek design of their insulated jackets will keep you looking chic and polished while you trudge through the snow-filled streets. If you love to get active in the winter, MEC offers matching snow pants to their incredible jackets.


Vintage Look For Timeless Warmth

Encircled have redesigned their classic Transform Leg Warmers for a more versatile wear. These leg warmers are thin and sleek, but provide an extra crucial layer in your boots to keep your extremities warm. Not only are these a great choice to shield yourself from the winter weather, but these are also a great choice for the environment as they revised the design to use less fabric, and change the stitching to be more secure so that they’re even better for the earth, and will last longer in your closet.


Protect Your Head With Tuck Shop Trading Co.

Tuck Shop Trading Co. provides a lengthy list of amazing accessories to keep your body warm throughout this chilly season, but an exceptional accessory they offer is their cashmere slouched beanies. They claim that these hats are the warmest and softest accessory that will be the only thing you need to get you through the winter. They also have their novel City of Neighbourhoods toque collection, which allows you to rep your Toronto neighbourhood with pride while staying warm.