COVID-19 Update from Chestnut Park

We’re only beginning to understand the destructive nature of COVID-19 and the way this pandemic will transform how we work and live together. We do understand, however, that the need to social distance to curb the pandemic is particularly problematic when making the biggest purchase or sale of your life; this decision requires a high level of trust and a high level of interaction and asking you to reduce face time with an agent is a lot to ask. 


During this time of uncertainty and difficulty, however, your Chestnut Park agent is a constant. While handshakes are on pause, the trust, integrity, knowledge and discretion of our agents is not.


All members of the Chestnut Park team are dedicated to participating in the global, national and local efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Following the directives from our government and regulatory agencies, we have suspended or pared back our offices and have implemented strict policies to protect both our communities and agents. We have done this, however, without compromising our ability to serve.


While carrying on business as usual is no longer an option, we have empowered our agents to assist their clients by offering a variety of tools to remotely engage with buyers and sellers, to provide virtual showings and virtual open houses, and to complete the full sale process online.


We are in uncertain times today, but the values – trust, integrity, knowledge and discretion – that has defined Chestnut Park for thirty years remains unchanged. With these values in mind, it is more important than ever that we continue to observe the COVID-19 restrictions so that lives are saved, communities are maintained and, eventually, business as usual will be an option.