Beautiful Architecture and Attractions in Prince Edward County

Prince Edward County is known for its vast wine country, picturesque scenery, and sensational accommodations for weary travelers. Amongst the shopping and festivities that will be sure to take up your time, the local architecture and attractions are some of the best storytellers of this great region. When booking your next vacation or a quick getaway, don’t miss out on some of Prince Edward County’s finest architecture and off the beaten path attractions.

Here’s our brief guide on some of the must-see architecture and attractions in Prince Edward County.

Regent Theatre | Prince Edward, Ontario

This hallowed theatre, reminiscent of a Victorian opera house is a great place to go see a live show, a documentary, or the latest blockbuster production. Treat yourself to comedy and drama productions written by the locals of Prince Edward County. After receiving a major renovation in 2011 and expanding its total capacity to 446, the theatre still provides an intimate setting where travelers can escape to another world altogether by getting lost in the bewildering story unfolding in front of their eyes.

Mariners Park Museum | Prince Edward, Ontario 

Visit the historic Mariners Park Museum to witness the many ways that the inhabitants of Prince Edward County have interacted with their surrounding waters, from shipbuilding to rum running, and everything in between. Many shipwrecks have been found near the county and this museum is host to multiple treasures found aboard during early expeditions.

 Mustang Drive-In | Prince Edward, Ontario

The Mustang drive-in serves as a relic to cinematic experiences of the past, inviting you to catch a movie and follow along with your FM radio. This theatre has stood the test of time and is showing no signs of rust as they continue to show the latest Hollywood blockbuster movies along with classics that are sure to evoke feelings of nostalgia and simpler days. Whether you’re passing through the county or making a weekend out of it, you won’t regret catching a movie and experiencing cinema as you’ve never seen it before. Bring the family and grab some popcorn, or visit the playground set up in front of the silver screen.

Oeno Gallery | Bloomfield, Ontario

This breathtaking art gallery features work from Canadian contemporary painters and sculptors. Conveniently located next to Huff Estates Winery and Inn, you’ll find something to marvel at before or after your journey through the vineyards. Go on an artistic tour through contemporary and historical fine art made by mid-level and senior Canadian artists. Opening in 2011, the sculpture garden is truly something to behold, as works made of steel, stone, and bronze are framed with wild grass and garden beds of lavender and sage. Immerse yourself in this impressive exhibit of some of Canada’s most impressive and innovative artworks.

Bloomfield Public House | Bloomfield, Ontario

Step inside this neighborhood spot and you’ll see a bustling interior with an open concept bar, as well as decorative themes that will make you feel right at home in the county. Bloomfield Public House prides themselves on bringing seasonal cuisine from local farmers to bring good people together. Travelers welcome!